Chartered accountant in Luxembourg for commercial and industrial companies

Our Luxembourg accounting firm supports industrial and commercial companies according to your needs: accounting, declarations, presentation of annual accounts, dashboard ...

Corporate obligations

Accounting obligations in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, companies are obliged to keep accounts whatever their commercial activities. For commercial and industrial companies, this accounting includes all the operations carried out by the company: assets, rights, debts, obligations and commitments...Company accounts are organized with books of accounts; only traders who are natural persons are authorized to keep simplified accounts.

Chartered accountant in Luxembourg for commercial and industrial companies annual accounts, declaration

All operations are recorded in chronological order upon receipt of the information. Recording in the newspapers (Purchases, Sales, Banks, journal of various operations...)All transactions are recorded without delay, faithfully and completely. The recordings are made in date order, either in a single journal book or in a system of specialized journals according to the principle of the double part. In the latter case, all the data entered in the specialized journals are entered, with an indication of the various accounts set in motion, by centralization in a single centralizing book.

WHat are teh key documents for Luxembourg entities?

Companies must produce financial and non-financial documents, some of which will be published:● The annual accounts include a balance sheet (in some cases an abbreviated balance sheet), a profit and loss account / profit and loss account (in some cases an abridged profit and loss account), a standard chart of accounts (PCN),● Tax declarations and other declarations including those relating to VAT ...● The company must establish an inventory at least once a year and keep an inventory book.All this information is available at the company's head office. All documents used to establish this information must be classified and kept: Supporting documents, letters received, copies of letters sent by order and by date.

Our accounting firm is registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Ordre des Experts Comptables du Grand Duché de Luxembourg - OEC).

We support industrial and commercial companies

Our accounting firm can assist you in the following steps

0. Define your needs

We support you to determine and assess the need for your business:● Accounting organization● Accounting preparation● Tax declarations: taxes, VAT...● Analysis and dashboards...

1. Accountability

Organize your accounting entry in Luxembourg:● Collection of accounting documents● Control of accounting documents,● Bookkeeping: accounting of accounting entries on the basis of supporting documents: purchases (invoices, purchase orders...), sales, various operations, banks...

2. Annual accounts

Establishment of annual accounts and financial statements:● Review of applicable laws● Establishment of the balance sheet and profit and loss account, of the standardized chart of accounts● Preparation of annexes● Preparation of the management report, convocations and minutes to the boards of directors and the general assembly.

3. Statements

Preparation of declarations:● Tax declaration,● Monthly or quarterly and annual VAT declaration,● Monthly / quarterly summary statements for services or deliveries● Other declarations and deposits in Luxembourg

4. L'accompagnement

We can support you in several areas:● Finance research,● Preparation of the funding file,● Establishment of forecast documents,● Cash flow analysis...

5. Les tableaux de bord

We assist you in● Definition of indicators,● The implementation of tools or the regular communication of management information by your accountant,● Analysis of indicators and ratios...

6. Other analysis

We assist you in:● Preparation for co-financing aid for vocational training,● Your relationship with your bank,● Analysis of compliance with the rules concerning the GDPR, general data protection regulations,● The implementation of internal regulations and an IT charter,● The evaluation of your company or a target company ...● Estimation of taxation● Review of compulsory documentation: logbook, ...● Review of the balance sheet, liabilities and assets of the company

Our company's support services

Notre offre dédiée aux entreprises commerciales et industrielles comprend 3 principaux services:


In order to best manage your company, you must keep yourself informed and understand the accounting rules applicable in Luxembourg.Our training courses are aimed at professionals and managers, in particular for subjects relating to digital technology, management and communication.


We support you in your requests for funding and grants and offer you management tools.We are also listening to you for other advice you may need.


Our offer includes accounting support in the preparation of annual accounts.We prepare management tools on the basis of analytical accounting which allows you to manage your activity, establish forecasts and declarations...