Digital training for leaders, entrepreneurs and employees

Companies need talent and these digital skills are relatively rare in the job market for two main reasons: Young professionals have generally not been trained in modern management tools available in companies and employees, occupied by the work allocated to them, does not train in new, more efficient tools.Our training courses support companies towards these new forms of work and these digital tools that make life easier for companies and their employees.

These developments will have significant impacts on the general and administrative and financial departments (DAF). New types of reporting will be used and new skills will be required.
We offer some training to understand, anticipate these digital needs and use these tools!

Our digital approach

Digital is a subject that is much treated but little tackled in general. We distinguish three elements:● Knowing how to use the tools available, or computer literacy.● Think of IT applications to measure the impact of IT in different areas.● Program and algorithm creation, doing research in computer scienceOur objective is to train the participants so that they have the necessary knowledge to use the products at their disposal and think about the potential of the tools and their future development.

The challenges for businesses

Businesses face several challenges in retaining and conquering new markets. Themes like digital, environment, innovation are often treated as obstacles to overcome. Knowing and anticipating these developments offers opportunities, but these choices are not without risk.One of the challenges for companies is to successfully recruit staff suited to their customers and to today's business while being able to develop their skills according to the expectations and needs of customers in the coming years. Our digital training is built with the aim of improving the performance of the company and raising awareness of the likely developments in activities, particularly in the fields of management, management and accounting.

Our training in digital tools

We have several training courses with different approaches:● training on new tools that make it possible to be efficient in business, such as using Business Intelligence or electronic signatures, MyGuichet.● classical training to master existing and proven tools already known by the participants. They will progress in the use of these tools: Excel, control website....

How to gain efficiency with Excel?

Training be a master with excel

This training is intended for employees and entrepreneurs who wish to improve their skills in handling the formulas, tables and tools offered by Excel. The training also covers the macro and the basics of programming.

>> see the training program to gain efficiency with Microsoft Excel

Master the tools of Business intelligence

training on your dynamic reports with Power BI

This training on Power BI, Microsoft's business intelligence tool, allows you to discover the analytical capacities and to make new types of reports. This training is particularly aimed at management controllers, financial analysts and entrepreneurs who wish to process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

>> see the training program to master the Power BI business intelligence tool

Manage and control digital transactions

Formation Gestion et contrôle des transactions électroniques en entreprises signatures électroniques, gestion des documents numéirques

As a manager, entrepreneur or employee, you use electronic signatures professionally but also personally. This training will allow you to know the different types of electronic signatures, their conditions of use, the procedures to be implemented and the authentication of third parties ...

>> See the program, the dates and register for the training on the management of electronic transaction control: signing, edocs, identification, authentication

Training Manage your company's documents with MyGuichet tool

Document management training in the MyGuichet tool for companies

MyGuichet is the electronic platform of the Luxembourg State for individuals and companies. This training presents the way in which electronic documents must be treated.

>> See the program, the dates and register for the training on corporate's document management in the myGuichet tool

How to ensure and control the quality of your professional website?

Training on know how and analyze a professional website quality essential for an entrepreneur and a business owner

Any entrepreneur and business owner should be able to answer this question. but we found in our accounting firm that few knew the fundamentals of a good website. This is the reason why we offer this training.

>> see the training program on the fundamentals of websites