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How to manage and control your digital transactions? Training

Companies and their partners use certificates, electronic signatures, digital documents: purchase orders, contracts, receipts, bank transfers ... To carry out these transactions, managers, managers and employees hold tokens, smartcards and other cryptographic processes. which allow to hire, sign digital documents on behalf of their company.How to ensure the proper functioning of these processes and control the signatures made by third parties? Our training offers you a process review, a presentation of internal procedures and tools to control the signatures of third parties on documents.

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1/2 day

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480 EUR HT

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Digits Solutions is a continuing professional training organization (FPC) established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and member of lifelong learning

Digits Solutions is a continuing professional training organization (FPC) established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and member of lifelong learning. Our training courses are eligible for aid and subsidies such as co-financing of training.

What dates are available for this training on digital transactions?

Billetterie Weezevent

Why control and manage your electronic certificates, esignatures and digital transactions?

Digital signatures are electronic certificates used to identify stakeholders for a digital transactions.Our customers and suppliers expect additional services and flexibility in the business relationship ... For the first time you received an electronic document from them and you have to sign it quickly by using an electronic certificate. But under which conditions can you accept this digital transaction?What are your rights and obligations? What are the different types of electronic signatures?To help you react and provide adequate response to your customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders or directors, we propose this one day training during which we will address the essential points of the company digital transformation and cyber-security!

Training of managers and entrepreneurs in the use of digital tools such as electronic signatures, digital documents, digital transactions


Mathieu COTTIN, co-founder at Tokeny electronic certificate and esignature training digital transaction

"I was lucky to attend DigitsSolutions' workshop about Digital Signatures. Victor drove a very insightful session and helped me to understand many of the linked challenges."

Mathieu COTTIN

co-founder at Tokeny

Training's objectives

At the end of the training, they will be able to:● Identify the different types of signatures and their uses.● Know how to use and manage electronic signatures● Know the main digital players in these areas● Understand the techniques that will evolve with the arrival of these new processes: blockchain ...● Seize the opportunities, know the limits and the risks related to the use of these tools.

Participants profile

This training is mainly for:● Executives● Entrepreneurs● Board of Managers and Board of Directors Members● Partners and shareholders

The training will be useful for all those who have the opportunity to engage the company vis-à-vis third parties. Participants will adopt the right reflexes to use electronic signatures in a context that reduces risk and controls the signature of third parties.

The program to control and manage your digital transactions

Exchanges are easier and faster thanks to digital tools. The identification of the parties is guaranteed for companies according to the electronic certificate used. Digital keys, certificates and other electronic signatures are also digital identities. This program has been developed to help users manage the administration of these keys, to ensure the identification of third parties and to set up essential controls.

The legal aspects of digital tools

Review of legislation in Europe and Luxembourg● The definition of electronic signatures: eIDAS (European directive), electronic signatures, dematerialization of documents● The characteristics of electronic signatures and digital documents:● Simple electronic signatures● Advanced electronic signature● The qualified electronic signature● The notion of digital chain of trust and digital trusted third party

Technical and practical aspects of the esignatures

Study of operation and uses:● Electronic signatures and electronic certificates● Electronic seals, server seal and electronic seals● Timestamp● Digital documents● Other digital tools● Information and data cyber-security aspects● The legal value of electronic signatures

Digital tools benefits, opportunities and limitations

Analysis of changes between handwritten signature and electronic signatures:● The organization of trusted service providers:● Certification authority,● Benefits: Ensuring document integrity● Opportunities: identity of signatory ...● Risks: identities of the signatory,● Limits: territoriality ...

Some providers: Docusign, Luxtrust, yousign, chambersign, adobe sign...

Digital documents: case studies

● Review of the different types of e-Signatures● Review of the different types of e-Documents (pdf format, ...)● Concrete examples of use cases and borderline cases.● The main analysis tools and third-party authentication● Some use cases and the checks to be carried out

Control review in place in companies

● Counterparts identification● Internal risk management: management of private keys and security levels● The establishment of automatic controls● Some reflexes to avoid identity theft.● Archiving and preservation of digital documents

eDoc, eSign ... eConclusion!

● Concrete impacts for companies and on work organization● Evolution of the probative value of digital documents● Develop employee competence● Technical developments and other likely future applications


At the end of this training, you will be able to manage your electronic certificates (private key, public key), authenticate and control the electronic signatures affixed by third parties that they are compatible with European regulations and the internal procedures of your company.

Additional information

The training location

This training is provided in Luxembourg City.
Digits Solutions

29 bd Grande Duchesse Charlotte
L-1331 Luxembourg


Our trainers are experienced professionals, entrepreneurs or accountants familiar with management constraints in companies.All of them have significant experiences and skills that they wish to share in the field of digital transformation of businesses.

Training's language

This training will be given in English. Training materials will be available in English.

Training pedagogy

This training is interactive. The technical elements proposed during the training are illustrated by examples and practical cases.

Training material

Participants will receive the course material at the start of the training.

Training certificate

This training is not evaluated. A certificate of attendance can be sent on request after the training to the participants present.

Who are we?

Consulting company, chartered accountant and continuing professional training in Luxembourg France Europe

We are an accounting firm and a professional training organization that uses innovations to develop. We are implementing certain digital tools, the result of technological advances, to automate tasks and take advantage of the digital transition for the benefit of companies wishing to anticipate changes related to digital.We support our clients in this change by training managers and employees in the impacts of digital tools as well as highlighting the opportunities, difficulties and limits of digital.