Luxembourg chartered accountant

Victor Gallavardin expert comptable au Luxembourg, diplômé réviseur d'entreprises au Luxembourg et diplômé d'expertise comptable en France

Our accounting firm supports Luxembourg companies in the different phases of their growth: from creation to disposal. We are involved in drawing up statutory and consolidated annual accounts, preparing tax declarations, boards of directors and general meetings.
We are aware of the digital transformation taking place in our profession and have also developed a training offer to share these experiences.

The accounting firm Digits Solutions and Victor GALLAVARDIN, Luxembourg chartered accountant, are members of the Order of Chartered Accountants of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Ordre des experts comptables du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg - OEC).

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Does the management of your project, your finances or your business in Luxembourg require the help of a chartered accountant? We offer you three-step support with a simple process.

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Our business sectors in Luxembourg


Supporting growth
Team training
Finance research


Profitability study
Accounting specifics


Establishment of:● local statutory accounts● consolidated accounts


Accounting services
● Boards of directors
● General meetings

Our accounting and tax services

We provide accounting and tax services to support business leaders in steering their activities and measuring performance. We carry out these analyzes from accounting documents, entries, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts over several accounting years.


● Creation / incorporation of companies in Luxembourg● Registration of companies: commercial entities, Soparfi ...● Banking assistance● Company valuation● Liquidation of the company

Accounting services

● Company's accounting● Establishment of Lux GAAP annual accounts / financial statements, IFRS ...● Organize, evaluate and correct errors in accounting and accounts of all kinds● Analyze accounting methods and techniques● Prepare annual reports and tax returns● Legal assistance for the minutes of general meetings and of the board of directors

Tax declarations and VAT declaration

● Income tax declaration (IRC, ICC, IF)● Monthly quarterly annual VAT return● Assistance with tax audit● Tax simulations

Social - Establishment of salary statements

● Communication with social security (CCSS)● ADEM communication (State employment agency: vacancies ...)● Salaries: Payroll, employment contracts in Luxembourg, salary forecasts● Monthly deposits.● Payroll management● Social controls assistance● Social compliance audit

Other missions

● Consolidated annual accounts● Financial report● Analysis of crypto-currencies or electronic currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum ...● Statutory changes and transfer of social rights● Merger / Acquisition● Business plan● Intermediate situations● Financial situation● Assistance during inventories

Accounting reports

● Writing of the book of accounting procedures● Operational dashboard● Financial dashboard● Non-financial dashboard● Impact assessment of the new● Luxembourg accounting plan PCG2020● Cash flow statement● Forecast cash management

Luxembourg and international regulations

● Country-by-country reporting (CBCR, CbyC)● Establishment of Notification country by country (CBCR, CbyC)● Banque Centrale du Luxembourg, BCL reporting● Common Reporting Standard, CRS declaration● Law on fiscal compliance of foreign accounts, FATCA declaration● Declaration of beneficial owners (RBE declaration)

Information and technology

● Assist you in the migration of the accounting system and the resumption of histories● Financial analysis of projects: investment projects, development projects...● Supplier management and invoicing● The configurations of the simulation● Electronic invoices (FacturX ...)● Implementation of digital signatures● Other digital implementation such as: Xbrl

The production of indicators

● Prepare dashboards and indicators● Prepare a communication on corporate environmental responsibility (REE)● Prepare communication related to corporate social responsibility (CSR)● Examination of procedures (inventories, accounting, management of fixed assets ...) and internal control

accounting and administration services for startup

Startup offer - Business creation in Luxembourg

You have an idea for an activity and want to make it happen. We can study its feasibility and the means at your disposal to carry out your project.
Our offer includes two training courses. The first deals with the obligations and responsibilities of company managers. The second gives entrepreneurs the tools to successfully communicate and collect valuable data about their prospects and customers.
Our offer contains the basic missions of the chartered accountant concerning the establishment of annual accounts and tax declarations.

Accounting services for companies in Luxembourg

Business accounting in Luxembourg

You need to establish your annual accounts and make your tax declarations for income tax and VAT declarations, we can assist you and offer you an offer.
Our clients are commercial, industrial or financial companies active in Luxembourg and with outlets in Europe.
We can support you on the e-commerce sales aspects and the digitization of your processes in order to automate them and gain competitiveness. On the other hand, we realize reporting or dash-boarding tools, which allow you to manage the activity of your company and analyze its performance.

Consolidated financial statements services in Luxembourg under Lux Gaap and IFRS

Establishment of consolidated financial statements

Above a certain threshold, companies with holdings in other companies are required to publish consolidated accounts. We support you in the implementation of these procedures and the preparation of these accounts according to Lux Gaap or IFRS standards depending on the choice of accounting standards.We are also involved in preparing other declarations such as notifications concerning country-by-country reporting and declarations concerning subsidies.

Consolidated financial statements services in Luxembourg under Lux Gaap and IFRS

Luxembourg accounting audit

Holdings are the main type of group to manage business opportunities. Luxembourg can be in some circumstances a development opportunity for group business.

Other services of our firm

Internal Audit

The firm intervenes in the control of internal audit procedures without this constituting an audit. This review allows companies to ensure that they are up to date and that their information systems are in line with the control environment.
The pragmatic approach also makes it possible to identify points of improvement and automation to give employees and auditors time to analyze the risks.

Management control

We intervene to support companies collect information and data, then analyze them in order to define the most relevant indicators in terms of performance measurement.
The processed data can be linked to financial or extra-financial data. This approach allows better management by the company manager and trains controllers in new practices. General accounting is valued thanks to the implementation of analytical accounting.

Training and advisory services

Fiduciary based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, we are organized into three complementary activities:● Accounting expertise: accounting, social, tax and legal aspects addressed in this presentation.● Consulting and performance management: We participate in the transformation of your business to gain efficiency and improve its management tools.● Training: We train you in digital tools and accounting.