Grow and manage your business, Which training are you going to choose?

Entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders must master the financial and non-financial data of their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in their activities.These courses présents the rules for good financial management and good governance to support your business in its development. They are turned towards the company taking into account concrete cases. Consult the training files; you will find a description and a detailed plan as well as testimonies.

Business management training

Create, manage and develop your project, your idea, your company in Luxembourg, training for entrepreneurs, managers

How to create, manage and develop your Sarl-S business in Luxembourg?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers many simplified legal forms such as Sarl-S or SAS but also S.à rl, SA, SNC ... This training is mainly aimed at enterprising employees, project leaders and entrepreneurs for give them the keys and principles of good management: the costs of creating, managing and developing an activity as well as the important strategic questions to avoid the main pitfalls.

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What are the Lux Gaap accounting rules and principles applicable in Luxembourg?

What are the accounting principles applicable in Luxembourg? How to read annual accounts?

It is crutial for entrepreneurs, managers, administrators and employees to know the accounting rules and to know how to read annual accounts of companies.For that, you must know the accounting principles, the principles of establishment of the financial statements in order to be able to follow the establishment of the annual accounts for your company and to analyze the financial information of the customers and suppliers or third parties.These analyzes are based on indicators and ratios which will also be presented, as well as changes related to accounting news.

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