Support you in the preparation of monthly and quarterly statistical reports from the Central Bank of Luxembourg, BCL Luxembourg

The Banque centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) requires Luxembourg financial companies to transmit statistics concerning their activities through BCL reporting.

Accompany you to carry out your statistical reports from the BCL

We support financial companies in their periodic communication of financial information requested by the Central Bank of Luxembourg. We are involved in the preparation of the following reports:● BCL quarterly report S 2.16 "Quarterly statistical balance sheet of financial companies",● BCL quarterly report S 2.17 "Transactions of financial companies",● TPTIBS monthly BCL report "Title by the security reporting of financial companies".

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What are the objectives of regulatory reporting by the BCL?

The Central Bank of Luxebourg (BCL Luxembourg) and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (STATEC) compile balance of payments statistics. The BCL is also responsible for international communication of the investment position in Luxembourg companies. For this, the BCL collects statistical data from Luxembourg banks, POST Luxembourg financial services and financial companies (financial assets, financial instruments, securities).Financial companies are required to communicate this information on their investments to the BCL as defined below.

Which Luxembourg companies are subject to the BCL report?

Regulation 2014/17 of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg defines the financial companies concerned by these regulatory reports. To process reports, the company must include at least one of the following:● the acquisition of interests in any company or enterprise in any form whatsoever;● the acquisition by subscription, purchase, exchange or any other means of transferable securities, shares and other transferable securities,● participation, bonds, receivables, certificates of deposit and other debt securities and, in general , any security or financial instrument issued by a public or private entity;● direct or indirect investment in the acquisition and management of a real estate portfolio, patents or other intellectual property rights of any kind or origin;● borrowing in any form;● lending funds to shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates and / or any other entity.

At first glance, all companies with an economic activity of direct or indirect financing are concerned. Holding companies and groups of companies are also affected by declarations to the BCL when they have financial companies (SOPARFI) as their legal form. Similar companies holding non-financial assets such as ships and oil rigs are also subject to this reporting.

Can a company be exempt from the BCL declaration?

Regulation BCL / 2014/17 provides for the possibility of exempting small companies from the declaration obligation. The BCL applies an exemption threshold based on the balance sheet total. In 2019 and 2020, the threshold amount is set at 500 million euros or the equivalent in foreign currency.