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How to gain efficiency with Excel?

Excel is one of the most used tools in companies and in particular in the accounting, management and administrative departments of companies. Here is a training course that will help employees to be more efficient in the use of the Microsoft tool and in data processing.

Training duration

1 day

Training price

840 EUR HT

Training level

Beginners & confirmed

Information needs

Why do you need to know how to master the Excel tool? Key concepts

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Digits Solutions is a continuing professional training organization (FPC) established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and member of lifelong learning

Digits Solutions is a continuing professional training organization (FPC) established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and member of lifelong learning. Our training courses are eligible for aid and subsidies such as co-financing of training.

Why master Excel as an employee of a financial department?

Excel is certainly the most used tool in financial departments to reprocess data. The possibilities offered by the spreadsheet make it possible to meet the main needs of accountants, controllers, auditors and financiers.However, this tool is complex and many employees do not know the functions that can allow them to process data quickly or new developments.● Collection of data● Data reprocessing● Presentation of indicatorsAutomation of reporting and communication of informationDuring this training, participants will apply many formulas, macro and other tools that will allow them to save time and be more efficient.

Training in Excel formulas, data organization macros


"I like the training because it tells us about a lot of tools that allow us to measure the performance of the company effectively."

Apprentice management controller in a large French group and student in Master Accounting Control Audit

Training objectives

At the end, the participant will be able to use the Excel tool:● Understand the usefulness and know how to use most Excel formulas● Know how to structure Excel files● Collect and organize data in an Excel sheet● Extract information and automate processing● Create simple Excel macros● Know how to share and manage access and consultation rights

Participant's profile

This training is mainly concerns:● Employees working in an administrative and financial department: management controller, accountant, internal auditor ...● Staff with administrative work related to Excel● Entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to make tools in Excel for their own account.

The program to master Excel and gain performance

Dashboard, reports, planning, ... the possibilities offered by the Excel spreadsheet are numerous but sometimes the development of functionalities takes a long time. We offer training to save you time, efficiency and organization through better file structuring and knowledge of the tool.Our goal is to provide you with the functionalities, so that you can test them in order to implement them in your business.

Data management

Review of the elements that make Excel popular in businesses:● Presentation of the interface, toolbars, menu bars,● The sheets, cells and characteristics essential for reprocessing data

Excel's formulas

Microsoft Excel formulas are the cornerstones of effective use:● Review of simple formulas and new formulas● Nested functions● Presentation and exercise with advanced formulas● Implementation of automated treatment and reprocessing: automatic totals● Using conditional formatting● The creation of functions

Data and canvas formatting

One of Excel's strengths is the formatting and rendering of information:● The data collection● Database management● PivotTables● Presentation of restated data● Graphic rendering

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Excel macros

Review of the different components:● procedures, modules, objects, properties, methods● Recorded macros: options, recording, macro execution● The creation of a macro: the main uses, structuring your code● Make your first macros: variables, loops, references, objects


Use audit tools to find errors and inconsistencies in an Excel file● Evaluate formulas● Consolidate data● Exercises and practical cases

New skills and possibilities

Microsoft Excel is part of the Office 365 suite which also offers many features:● Discovery of add-in● Discovery of other data processing and management tools


At the end of this training, you will be able to manipulate the advanced functions of Microsoft Excel in order to carry out files like dashboards and to develop Dashboards for a department, a direction or the general direction. You will also have a vision on the different sources of information and data that can be used.

Non-exhaustive list of points dealt with: SumIf, CountIf, Vlookup, If, And, Or, Match, mathematical function, statistics, timetables, logic, positioning, text, presentation of numbers… Subtotals, pivot tables, PivotTable, graphics, PivotChart , function creation, Inputbox, Msgbox, If, Select case, For Next, Do… Loop, reference, cell, range, range, worksheet, workbook, User Forms, Debugger, break point, Watch, Immediate ...

Additional information

The training location

This training is provided in Luxembourg City.
Digits Solutions

29 bd Grande Duchesse Charlotte
L-1331 Luxembourg


Our trainers are experienced professionals, entrepreneurs or accountants familiar with management constraints in companies.All of them have significant experiences and skills that they wish to share in the field of digital transformation of businesses.

Training's language

This training will be given in English. Training materials will be available in English.

Training pedagogy

This training is interactive. The technical elements proposed during the training are illustrated by examples and practical cases.

Training material

Participants will receive the course material at the start of the training.

Training certificate

This training is not evaluated. A certificate of attendance can be sent on request after the training to the participants present.

Who are we?

Consulting company, chartered accountant and continuing professional training in Luxembourg France Europe

We are an accounting firm and a professional training organization that uses innovations to develop. We are implementing certain digital tools, the result of technological advances, to automate tasks and take advantage of the digital transition for the benefit of companies wishing to anticipate changes related to digital.We support our clients in this change by training managers and employees in the impacts of digital tools as well as highlighting the opportunities, difficulties and limits of digital.