Dropbox bought HelloSign for $ 230 million!

Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly important in digital transactions and the digital transformation of businesses. HelloSign is a digital document signing platform and one of the main competitors of Docusign, Signow and Rightsignature. The business relation between Dropbox and HelloSign started in November 2018 with the affiliation of HelloSign in the partner application program "Dropbox extensions". This integration allows the company to activate the electronic signature functions directly from the Dropbox interface.

By announcing on January 28, 2019 the intention to acquire the company, Dropbox reinforces its offer in terms of digital document management. Dropbox is now able to manageme the entire dematerialized document process. This strategy should allow Dropbox to better address the business market in document management and offer more content management services.HelloSign specializes in "smart business", which consists of offering companies simple tools, easily integrated into applications to facilitate the most common tasks in business administration. These features are in great demand in the areas of real estate (RE) and insurance; two environments in which administrative documents, contracts, general conditions of sale and related documents are numerous. The e-signature makes it possible to produce an automatic document production and to optimize the information processing time with, in the best of cases: a single entry of the key information (last name, first name, address, ..) and only one signature from each of the parties involved.

Dropbox bought HelloSign acquisition in 2019

This combination will have significant impacts for companies using these services. The Dropbox document process (esignature, efax ..) will include interacompany signatures and validation cycles as well as third parties integration. Those applications address both B2B and B2C relationships. Light process automation, automatic contract review are applications that Dropbox customers will soon be offered to. HelloSign will benefit from the billion documents handled each day by Dropbox. SMEs and SMIs should benefit from this new infrastructure and the esignature systems will gain popularity among those business influancers.
Since 2018, we have seen a better integration of electronic signature tools into applications and softwares. The consequence of this evolution is a greater solicitation by customers for those applications. Main business players are pushed to integrate the e-signatures by individuals and businesses. The next step will be risk management. How should this information be managed? How to make sure that the signatures used correspond to the legal degree of requirement? How to drive and update company's internal ? That the reason why we setup Digits Solutions which propose training and support to you.
But we still have one question about this transaction ... Has the acquisition contract between Dropbox and HelloSign been signed using the electronic signature solution proposed by HelloSign?

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Dropbax is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2007 that aims to provide a secure service for sharing, document storage and data in general. The application also allows collaboration on documents. During its existence, the company raised $ 756 million and is listed on the Nasdaq under the acronym DBX.


HelloSign is the brand name of JN PROJECTS Inc., founded in 2011 in San Francisco and owned by private investors. Their digital document management service is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized companies active in the real estate and insurance sectors. This positioning is not exclusive. The company, which employs more than 50 employees, raised $ 16 million and has more than 60,000 customers before being acquired by Dropbox in January 2018.

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