Co-financing subvention, the support of the Luxembourg State to employee's training

The state of Luxembourg help Luxembourg companies to support the cost of training for their staff as employee skills are key for Compan's development especially in a digital environment.

Definition of the State support for training

The Luxembourg State offers companies in the private sector financial assistance for employee training. This aid is intended for private Luxembourg companies. Luxembourg's support for companies represents 15% of the annual training costs invested. These subsidies are subject to the taxation of income from commercial companies in Luxembourg.Companies must apply for co-financing from the INFPC, the National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training.

co-financement of training in Luxembourg financial support to companies

How much is the Luxembourg state support for training?

The state's financial contribution is 15% of the cost of the investment in training. This includes expenses related to trainer fees, facilities and average salary costs of the company. The costs of can be increased by 20% for certain categories of employees.

Who is concerned by the State of Luxembourg support for training?

Luxembourg companies and employees can benefit from co-financing their training. This varies from 15 to 35% of the expenses incurred by the company. We will see in this article the main aspects: Why, Who, When, How, how much...

Why the state finance a part of the companies' training costs?

The Luxembourg State wishes to support companies and employees in the changes and changes in their environment. For many years the Luxembourg state has been supporting companies in training their staff.

Who is involved in training expenses supports?

This financial support takes the form of reimbursement of part of the costs incurred by companies for the training of their employees, managers and managers. Employees benefit indirectly from this possibility of financing their training.

How Luxembourg entities can obtain this grant?

Companies must apply for co-financing from the competent authorities. The investment in training is capped according to the size of the company (from 20% to 2% of the payroll).For these expenses to be valid, employees must be identified on each voucher of the training. They are also required to fill out an attendance form.

What is the period to be consider for the Luxembourg training grant?

The eligibility period of the training plan is based on the calendar year, from 1 January to 31 December.The request for co-financing is sent on a USB key before the 31st of the following year.

Which are the documents needed to obtain the training grant?

The company must provide, together with the co-financing application, certificates specifying payroll, certificates on the number of employees employed and bank identity statements.

Is Digts Solutions training on digital, accounting and management eligible to training grant?

Our training firm is registered as "Organisme de formation professionnelle continue" (FPC) in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. All trainings provided by Digits Solutions are eligible to the co-financement grant.