How to find the N.A.C.E. of a Luxembourg company?

The NACE code is often requested by administrations in administrative forms and by certain customers.Each company must have its NACE code which represents its main activity.

What is the NACE code?

The N.A.C.E. is the "Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community". It allows to classify all the companies of the European Union according to their activities. This classification allows in particular the polling institutes and the statistical institutions of the member states to compile statistics by fields of activity.

The Luxembourg version of this nomenclature includes the list of headings and a detailed description for each of them. It acts as a benchmark for classification of economic activities of companies. On January 1, 2019, the reference nomenclature in Luxembourg was known as "NACELUX Rev. 2".

Where to find the NACE code of a Luxembourg company?

A search tool for the NACE codes for a company is made available by the MyGuichet government site accessible by this link:

This code is used by Eurostat.

Tool to find the NACE code for Luxembourg companies

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