How to find the ROME code of a Luxembourg company?

The ROME code is often requested by administrations in administrative forms and by certain customers.Each company must know its ROME code which represents its main activity.

Where to find the ROME code for administrative procedures for companies

What is ROME code?

The R.O.M.E. is the "Operational Directory of Trades and Jobs". It is mainly used for classification and identifying trades based on associated skills. The ROME code is often used by administrations, employment services to classify announcements and requests from employers.

The directory was created in 1989 by the ANPE (French National Agency for Employment) and is used in particular abroad by ADEM in Luxembourg. Many partners have contributed to its development and development: companies, unions, associations, institutions ... These organizations have carried out an inventory of the names of trades, jobs, knowledge and know-how.

Where to find the ROME code for a Luxembourg job?

A search tool for ROME codes for a company is made available by the ADEM government site accessible by this link: How to find the ROME code for a job?

Data from the Operational Directory of Trades and Jobs

At the origin of this classification tool, France continues to keep this directory up to date according to the needs of companies, associations and administrations. You can find the latest ROME data updates on the open French public data platform

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