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What are the digital challenges for businesses?

Presentation on the challenges, opportunities, limits, risks for companies in a digital environment. This digitalization of the economy has consequences in terms of management, customer relations and business. It also leads to a mutation of the trades and brings out new skills. The issues addressed will feed the development of your digital strategy.

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30 minutes

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Beginners & confirmed

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Digits Solutions is a continuing professional training organization (FPC) established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and member of lifelong learning

Digits Solutions is a continuing professional training organization (FPC) established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and member of lifelong learning. Our training courses are eligible for aid and subsidies such as co-financing of training.

The impacts of digital on organizations and in Luxembourg?

We offer a presentation on the challenges of digital transformation to meet your needs in terms of anticipation and digital knowledge. This overview of the changing environment for companies and employees will allow you to find new development opportunities.We will tackle the themes of big data, artificial intelligence but we will see that these are not the only challenges for companies. Managers must anticipate the changing behavior of consumers, suppliers but also employees. The selection and decision criteria are evolving.This presentation was developed on the basis of an observation. As a professional training organization, we regularly work in companies and with students. Our range of training in the financial sector allows us to meet profiles and people with very different approaches. It is on this basis that we have learned lessons that we present to you.

Presentation of digital transformation challenges


Oana Manase senior accountant for holdings in Luxembourg, testimony on digital challenges

Oana Manase 

Senior accountant holdings

"Thank you for your warm and professional welcome during the Monday training. Thanks also for the information."

Objective of the presentation

This feedback is based on the training provided and the missions entrusted to us as well as our interventions in universities. The issues concerning businesses in terms of digital reach other subjects including:● Sustainable development● Communication● Digital tools● Management and governanceThe presentation is followed by a discussion with the participants.

Participants profile

This presentation is intended for people who wish to become aware of certain aspects in digital matters and mainly:● Leaders● Independent directors● Recruitment professionals: human resources director, consulting firm.● Professional figures: accountants, accountants, auditors and company auditors.● Consultants

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The training location

This training is provided in Luxembourg City.
Digits Solutions

29 bd Grande Duchesse Charlotte
L-1331 Luxembourg

The trainers

Our trainers are experienced professionals, entrepreneurs or accountants familiar with management constraints in companies.All of them have significant experiences and skills that they wish to share in the field of digital transformation of businesses.

Training's language

This training will be given in English. Training materials will be available in English.

Training pedagogy

This training is interactive. The technical elements proposed during the training are illustrated by examples and practical cases.

Training material

Participants will receive the course material at the start of the training.

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This training is not evaluated. A certificate of attendance can be sent on request after the training to the participants present.

Who are we?

Consulting company, chartered accountant and continuing professional training in Luxembourg France Europe

We are an accounting firm and a professional training organization that uses innovations to develop. We are implementing certain digital tools, the result of technological advances, to automate tasks and take advantage of the digital transition for the benefit of companies wishing to anticipate changes related to digital.We support our clients in this change by training managers and employees in the impacts of digital tools as well as highlighting the opportunities, difficulties and limits of digital.