Luxembourg school holidays dates 2018-2019

In Luxembourg, the dates of the holidays are different from their neighbors. To better organize your business, we suggest that you summarize these holidays in order to prepare your events and the planning of your employees. Holidays and vacations for the 2018-2019 school year have been fixed by the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Holidays of the 2018-2019 school year

The school year begins on September 17, 2018 (Monday) and ends on July 12, 2019 (Friday).
In Luxembourg, leave has been set:
● from October 27, 2018 (Saturday) to November 4, 2018 (Sunday): All Saints holidays● from December 22, 2018 (Saturday) to January 6, 2019 (Sunday): Christmas holidays● from February 16, 2019 (Saturday) to February 24, 2019 (Sunday): Carnival holidays● from April 6, 2019 (Saturday) to April 22, 2019 (Sunday): Easter holidays● May 1, 2019 (Wednesday): legal holiday● May 9, 2019 (Wednesday): legal holiday, Europe day● from May 25, 2019 (Saturday) to June 2, 2019 (Sunday): Pentecost holidays● June 10, 2019 (Monday): legal holiday, Whit Monday● from July 13, 2019 (Saturday) to September 15, 2019 (Sunday): summer holidays, long holidays

School year holidays 2018-2019

Holidays, vacations and holidays

Importance of information for businesses

Luxembourg companies must monitor holidays from one year to the next in order to measure their economic performance and the likely impact on their turnover. We can assist you in setting up appropriate dashboards to define and analyze your objectives.

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