Your testimonies concerning our training

Thank you for your testimonies and your comments which allow us to validate our approach and to develop the information in order to best meet your expectations.

Some testimonies

Control and manage your digital transactions: digital identity, electronic signature

Photo Mathieu COTTIN, signatures électroniques et transactions numériques, les bases de la transition digitale

Mathieu COTTIN

Co-founder of tokeny

"I was lucky to attend DigitsSolutions' workshop about Digital Signatures. Victor drove a very insightful session and helped me to understand many of the linked challenges."

>> training on the control and use of electronic transactions Electronic signatures, digital documents, certificates ...

Accounting rules and principles in Luxembourg, annual accounts in Lux Gaap

Photo Liora DEVILLERS, formation règles de gestion et obligations pour les gérants d'entreprises au Luxembourg


Administration, PR & more!

"Accounting is one of your points of difficulty? Look no further: Digit Solutions training is the solution for you: examples, constant feedback..."

>> training on management and corporate obligations in Luxembourg

Communicating effectively on the internet, an obligation for entrepreneurs

Photo Namir YEROHAM, comprendre les règles fondamentale du SEO et d'un bon site internet


JCI Luxembourg 2019 President

"As association president, the Digits Solutions training allowed us to understand and review our way to communicate to perform thanks to the tools presented and concrete examples."

>> training on how to make a good website with good SEO

Digital challenges for Luxembourg companies

Photo Oana MANASE, présentation des enjeux pour les entreprises au Luxembourg


Senior accountant in Luxembourg

"Thank you for your warm and professional welcome during Monday's training. Thank you also for the information."

>> Presentation on digital transformation challenges for businesses

Successful writing of your dissertation and your defense

Pierre Bechmann, accompagnement d'un expert comptable stagiaire dans la rédaction et la soutenance de son mémoire du DEC


KPMG Luxembourg MaangerQualified chartered accountant

"You gave me the keys and the motivation to get a 16/20, which I never thought possible!"

>> training on the preparation and success of the French accounting expertise thesis DEC

Photo Charles Bidaut, préparation, rédaction et soutenance du mémoire d'école de commerce

Charles BIDAUT

StudentBusiness School

"I would like to thank you once again for your help last year on my dissertation. Thanks to you, I was able to produce a very good dissertation and this allowed me to finish major in my promotion!"

>> training on the preparation, writing and defense of the thesis in business school and for the DEC (accounting expertise)

The importance of testimonies

témoignages des participants aux formations sur le numérique et la gestion des entreprises

We are aware that you may be interested in having an opinion on our training. That is why, we suggest that you get in touch with people who have participated in one of the training courses that we offer.

We also work in Universities and business schools, in particular in Master CCA, Accounting Control Audit and with schools training in accounting expertise in France: Paris Saclay University, ICS Bugué...